F80 Industrial Vending Machine


The F80 is a self-serviced machine that automatically dispenses up to 80 different types of products. Based on spring feeders, it allows the storage of a very large quantities of products in a small space. A touch screen provides the user with intuitive and intelligent management of the machine, product loading is quick and easy. The F80 machine can be connected to a barcode / RFID reader and an auxillary machine to the D810D1080 or L40 with no further touch screens.

Variety of springs for products

The impressive loading capacity of the device is obtained thanks to the possibility of using different types of spring winding in as many as 36 configurations. It offers the possibility of installing up to 8 shelves, with 10 springs available for each, which can be combined in pairs for larger products. The configuration of the springs is unlimited, as single and double springs of different sizes can be installed on a single shelf at the same time. The easy change of settings allows the capacity of the machine to be adapted to the current operating requirements. In addition, the shelf is equipped with sliding blocks, inner spring slides, and various partition heights which make it possible to dispense products with different geometries and packing patterns.



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